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STD - Diseases and Preventive Measures

Knowledge is power! Being well informed about Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs is your first step in fighting the disease. As the name suggests, STDs are commonly transmitted by infected individuals through unprotected sexual intercourse. Some strains of STDs can be transmitted by direct contact with the infected person through exposure to open sores and infectious body fluids and discharges. A drug user sharing unsanitary needles is another way to get infected. Sexually active people with multiple partners, having same sex intercourse, sex with a STD infected person and the practice of unprotected sex exposes one to a high risk of STD infection.
STD is life threatening. Though this disease is either bacterial or viral in nature both are very infectious. The effects on the patient can be devastating and can even develop to more complicated health problems. Some strains of Bacterial STDs are curable but are very recurrent. Viral STDs have no proven cure. The treatment for this type of STD is for the alleviation of its symptoms and to prevent its further development and transmission.
STD symptoms are hard to detect. Some types may show no visible symptoms at all making it difficult for the person to know that he is infected. The best thing to do when a person suspects that he is exposed to infection is to go to undergo a physical examination in an STD testing center. Some STDs may show symptoms that may be confused for a harmless allergy or a typical flu so it is best being checked to eliminate the probability of misdiagnosis.
STD is a long list of diseases. To be specific, these diseases are Chlamydia, Genital Herpes (HSV-2), Genital Warts, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B (HBV), HIV and AIDS, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), Pubic Lice (CRABS), Syphilis, Trichomoniasis and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). It is not enough to know the names and nature of these diseases. To really win the battle against STDs is to prevent the disease from infecting people and from spreading further.
STD testing centers provide services for the prevention and treatment of this disease. Educating the general public on how this disease can be transmitted as well its harmful effects on the human body is essential for its prevention. By providing counseling to people who are of great risk of exposure to STD can help lessen the occurrence of STDs. Thru counseling, high risk candidates are given tips on how to avoid infection by way of changing their sexual behavior and practices.
Identifying the asymptomatic symptoms of infected patients can result to the proper diagnosis and treatment of this disease. Evaluation, treatment and counseling are also extended to the sexual partners of infected people. This prevents the further transmission of STDs to other sexual partners and the re-infection of the disease once the patient has been treated. Another service STD centers have is to give pre-exposure vaccinations of preventable STDs to persons at risk but not yet infected. Vaccinations for the prevention of Hepatitis can be given to patients who do not show any symptoms of this disease.

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Treatment For Pubic Lice Infection

Most of us are familiar with the infection of pubic lice. These lice belong to the group of parasites that dwells on the body fluid of human beings. These creatures are found in the genital regions of both ladies and gents. A large number of people are found affected by this infection. Mostly, children are not prone to this. Provided they are not exposed to sexual misuse or such sexual pursuits. It is because there is a chance for them to get affected by it.
Getting into unhealthy sexual contacts is one of the main reasons for the propagation of the infection. There remains another risk like with the use of the same towels, linens and outfits. There exists a falsehood to the cause of such Sexually Transmitted Diseases that there is a chance for the infection to be caught with the utilization of the same lavatory seat. But it is an absurd argument since those crabs don't have such specialized legs so that they could sling on to a toilet seat.
Rigorous scratch and annoyance being experienced in the pubic area is a sure indication for the infection. Within a few days the area is found to have a grayish blue coloration and certain scratching sores. Make it a point that you keep away from sexual contact since this Sexually Transmitted Disease could be transferred to the spouse.
If you are doubted that you are affected with this STD, check for those nits, nymphs and mature crabs around the pubic hairs. If necessary, make use of a microscope for verification. If they are found, a detailed checking is necessary for the other family members and should opt for the best medical treatment.
There are a variety of treatments available for this STD. Commonly preferred items are Permethrin 1 % cream wash and Pyrethrins. The usage is quite simple that you only need to apply them on the surface and sponge down and cleanse after ten minutes. It is very essential to cut off the hairs on pubic area and make it a point that you swap your bed sheets frequently.
The next set of pubic-lice treatment is the usage of lindane shampoo. It is not preferred much because of the adverse effects caused by it. Results have proved that the proper administration of the lindane shampoo will not affect badly, in fact, it is tremendously useful.
Before going for the pubic lice treatment, you should ensure that all your clothes are cleansed and made dirt free in hot water. For those materials that cannot be washed, shower it with medicated spray and enclose them in plastic covers. Care should be taken for not using them for about some weeks.
It is always better not to engage in sexual contact with the person affected with the STD's of this sort. Ensure that you clean your pubic area frequently. All these measures are sufficient enough to help you lead a STD-free life. For, Prevention is better that Cure.

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Vaginal Crabs

There are a lot of things that we sometimes forget about, and that is in regards to sexual health. In school a lot of different schools teach sexual education, and it seems that in today's fast paced world it could be hard to recognize the problematic areas that are drawn in regards to sexual health. You should understand Vaginal Crabs and the symptoms that are associated with them. You can always prevent sexual diseases by not having sex, but if you are going to be involved in any sex act you should educate yourself on how to protect yourself and others from contracting a sexually transmitted disease. This stuff is not rocket science and does not take a lot to learn what the warning signs are.
Vaginal Crabs are not something to laugh about. If you see any sores, discharge, or burning sensation when urinating, you should really consider calling a doctor immediately. If you are embarrassed, and are not sure what to do, you should still see a physician. Do not try to medicate yourself, because these things can get worse if you do not see a professional. There is a likelihood of getting a sexually transmitted disease coupled with another different disease, and you should definitely not just trust your own research for garnering a cure for this sort of thing.
If you know the warning signs of Vaginal Crabs, you can get cured easily. Doctors are ready to help you and are not there to judge you at all. Sexually transmitted diseases are preventable and knowing what causes these things can mean the difference between good overall sexual health and getting something unwarranted in a region of your body that you shouldn't have problems with.
Preventable diseases are many out there, and sexually transmitted diseases are among the most common of these diseases. Sure you can prevent lung cancer, and some other diseases out there by taking better care of your daily routine. However, you should also consider that your sexual health is as important to your over all well being as your physical non sexual health is. If you see change in your pubic region or think you might have Vaginal Crabs, you should seriously consider seeing a doctor. It is not just a stigma to give someone a sexually transmitted disease, it can cause havoc for yourself and your daily work and leisure time.
Vaginal Crabs are easily cured. There have been a lot of medical discoveries in the realm of treating sexually transmitted diseases and while some are deadly, Vaginal Crabs are treatable usually with one or two applications. The prolonged nature of some sexual diseases does not apply to this and while it is highly contagious, it should not be life or death if detected early and treated properly by a doctor. Once again, do not be embarrassed by this, simply visit a doctor, get help and see a cure. Remember to tell your partner and make sure to be open with them about your sexual history, as it is important to your overall freedom and health.

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Pubic Lice - A Very Common STD

Nothing is worse than contracting a sexually transmitted disease and one of the common among these is pubic lice. This problem is just like head lice, but they affect a more vulnerable part of your body and can be extremely traumatic. It can spread very easily through sexual contact, but can be treated effectively. They are commonly referred to as pubic crabs. This disease is usually transmitted through unprotected sex.
These lice are actually very tiny insects or parasites which thrive in a warm atmosphere. These insects are extremely hostile to light and will run into the shadows if you examine them with a torch. They are called crabs as they look very similar to crabs in form.
The common symptoms of this problem are severe itching and sores in your genital area. This can be contracted by both men and women alike. If you by chance happen to discover that you are a victim of pubic lice, you do not have to panic. Just go a consult a specialist immediately. A doctor will help you to get rid of this irritating problem that you are suffering from.
The most common treatments that are prescribed by doctors to cure pubic lice are lotions and shampoos which are supposed to be applied on to your genital area. The soreness and itching will gradually disappear and you will be free of this problem within a short while. But remember that if you are not careful, the problem may reappear again.
Pubic lice can be a real nuisance and there is every chance that you can become a victim of this infestation if you are a person who is sexually very active and indulge in unprotected intercourse. If you do not attend to the problem immediately, this can create bigger problems in future. So it is very important that you should be aware of this sexually transmitted disease and take all necessary precautions to avoid contracting it.

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Pubic Crabs

There are a lot of different things that cause stress in regards to sexual health. You should consider being safe first and foremost, and you should not just throw caution to the wind. We live in these times that are not necessarily safe for people who are having sex with multiple partners or having sex in a committed relationship in general. I do not mean to be a downer or anything like that but you should really consider the safety of you and your loved one. For instance you should understand Pubic Crabs, as they are usually misunderstood in a lot of circles. Sure you have taken health class and sure you know a lot of different things, but you shouldn't really reflect on your past knowledge and you should consider learning a little more about this disease to keep you and you loved ones safer than ever.
Pubic Crabs are not just something that concerns highly promiscuous people. You should really consider the grand scheme of things. This disease is similar to head lice, only on a different area of your body and causing a lot more stress. You can contract this disease easily your partner will not enjoy getting this. To make a better point, no disease contracted sexually, is going to be welcomed.
You should consider also that Pubic Crabs can be treated. If you see any rash or discomfort in regards to your genitals, you should really talk to a physician. A doctor can help you get better. Just like head lice you can get a prescription that will help you rid yourself of genital lice also known as Pubic Crabs. These are usually treated with lotions or a shampoo that is directly applied to the area. The area will be sore and infected for a short amount off time and then things will get better for you and your partners.
There are many different risk factors that are attained when having unprotected sex. On average the risk of getting Pubic Crabs is increased if you are sexually active and having unprotected sex. Education is key though, and understanding the complications that may arise from crabs is point number one for a lot of people. If you are looking to get rid of a sexually transmitted disease, you should consider a doctor. Right, that seems obvious, but self medicating is on the rise, and people really are embarrassed with discussing this with anyone. Discussing this with your doctor can create a small bit of tension and that shouldn't be, so just talk to your doctor if anything happens in your pubic region. It could mean the difference between a terrible thing, or a lesson learned. You don't want to learn a lesson the hard way, so don't just think that you are immune if you have been cured of this disease. There are also side effects to be considered but you will enjoy a life less annoying if you get the cure to this sometimes embarrassing disease.

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Genital Crabs

You have probably heard of lice that get into your hair. The most common form of lice happens to be around your scalp and hair on your head. However, there is a form of lice that really is transmitted through sexual intercourse. This form of lice is easily recognizable as Genital Crabs. That is correct, crabs, are a form of lice that infects a persons pubic hair. There are roughly three million cases that happen in the United States yearly and while genital crabs can be treated with lotions or shampoos, they cause turmoil for many different people.
There are no major consequences to having genital crabs. You are not going to die from this infection and you are not going to cause anything extreme in regards to your health overall. You will get annoying and sometimes scary skin irritation and infection but you are not going to lose your life over this. However, there have been known cases of Genital Crabs that involve a strange discharge from the penis or vagina. If you experience any discharge, you should contact your doctor immediately.
Waiting a long time for things to get better is not a good thing at all. Do not wait for your crabs to go away and enjoy the greatness that comes from being healed of Genital Crabs. If you experience any major or minor changes in your genital regions you should not be resting on your hands and hoping that things get better. You can infect your partner if you do not be careful and you should seriously discuss things with your doctor and your lover before you give someone crabs.
Genital Crabs can create havoc for personal laundry. You should make sure to change your sheets, and thoroughly wash anything that could have been exposed to this sexually transmitted disease. You must also note that shaving your pubic hair is not going to help at all. Do not kid yourself into thinking that simply shaving yourself is going to be good.
Genital Crabs do not infect children during or immediately after birth. However, there are many different things that might infect your child if you are not careful. This is really a matter of understanding with you and your doctor. Talk to your doctor about the infection and then proceed with care, there are certain medications that can alter the health of your child. So in regards to this sexually transmitted disease do not worry to much about transfer to your child. However, do be careful with what treatment goes on because you may harm things in that aspect.
If you are not too familiar with Genital Crabs, then you should really consider learning a few things. Those who are having sex with multiple partners are at an increased risk for infection. Furthermore, considering Genital Crabs, they are usually coupled with other sexually transmitted diseases so be careful. With anything, you should sincerely consider talking to your doctor about performing a plethora of tests before simply treating one thing instead of others.

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Can You Get STD's From a Toilet Seat or Towel?

One of the biggest dangers in today's society is the threat that STD's pose to people. Sexually transmitted diseases are some of the most harmful and life threatening diseases that a person can get, so it is important to get some information to protect yourself and the people around you. The first thing that you should do is research these sexually transmitted diseases so you can answer questions like "can you get STD's from a toilet seat of towel?"
The first thing that you should know about a sexually transmitted disease is that it is an illness that is transmitted sexually between humans. That means, for the most part, that you have to have sexual intercourse with a person that has an STD to get one. These diseases are also called sexually transmitted infections to be a little broader. There are very few other ways that you can get an STD from a person but other ways include, drug needles, passing the disease to a child through childbirth, and even breastfeeding. Oral (Herpes can be transferred by kissing) and anal sex is also ways to get STD's. The organisms that cause these diseases are not very tolerant of environments beside the human body, which means that most of them will be destroyed when they are not in the body. Therefore, the answer to the question "can you get STD's from a toilet seat or towel?" is: most likely no. There are a few of these infections that could possibly be transmitted through a towel or seat and include crabs and scabies. The risk of getting these from either a toilet seat or a towel is very minimal.
Crabs (pubic lice) can only live away from the human body for about 24 hours making infection from a toilet seat very small, especially in a bathroom that is well maintained and cleaned often. Scabies is an itchy skin disease that is caused by mites that, again, can only live away from the body for about 24 hours and therefore, very hard to contract from a toilet seat or a towel.
Many people have heard that you can get herpes from a toilet seat, but this risk is also very small because the virus that causes the disease dies almost immediately after leaving the body.
If you are wondering "can you get STD's from a toilet seat or towel?" you will most definitely want to do some research and learn as much about these diseases and infection as you can. Knowledge is power and in the case of STD's it is also protection.

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The Virgin's Guide to Catching an STD

Although STD stands for sexually transmitted disease, it is still possible to catch an infection without having had intercourse. All of the following put you in danger of contracting an infection and if you've indulged in any recently then it may be time to book yourself in for an STD test.
Getting a Tattoo
It is possible to contract HIV and Hepatitis B and C through dirty needles at a tattoo parlour. However, the risk for all of these diseases is pretty low. In order to contract a disease an infected person would have needed to use the needle just before you and the parlor would have to have failed to clean the needle correctly. As most tattoo parlors now use disposable tips the risk of infection is very low. If you are worried that your tattooist failed to use a clean needle then you may want to calm your fears by taking an STD test.
Taking Drugs
Drug users are at extremely high-risk of contracting STDs, particularly when using shared needles. HIV, Hepatitis B and C can all be contracted by sharing needles or using previously discarded needles with dried blood on them. Using intravenous drugs is extremely high-risk and half of all new HIV infections in the United States occur amongst those that inject illegal drugs. As most of these infections could be prevented if drug users did not use contaminated needles, there are numerous needle exchange programs that addicts can use across the US, which also provide help and advice for those battling drug addiction.
Share a Toothbrush
You may need an STD test if you have recently shared a toothbrush with someone known to have hepatitis. Brushing your teeth can cause your gums to bleed, and therefore sharing a toothbrush with someone infected with hepatitis puts you into contact with their contaminated blood. Sharing a razor is another risky activity for the same reason and although both of these carry very minimal risks it is still a risk not worth taking.
Sleeping on Unclean Sheets
Some STDs like crabs can be caught by sleeping on unclean sheets. Crabs are small parasites that can live for a number of hours away from the body, so sharing towels, sheets and clothes are all valid ways to catch crabs. As crabs can be found in beards, eyelashes and armpits, close face-to-face contact is another possible way of catching crabs.
Being Born With One
Sadly, it is possible to be born with an STD, and Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, HIV and genital herpes can all be passed on to the baby before, during, or after birth. It is even possible to catch STDs through being breastfeed.
The harmful effects of STDs in babies can include stillbirth, low birth weight, deafness, neonatal sepsis, cirrhosis and meningitis amongst others. However, most of these problems can be prevented if the mother receives routine prenatal care, which includes an STD test early on in the pregnancy and repeated close to delivery, if necessary. Other problems can be treated if the infection is found at birth.
Tim Leach is part of USALabTesting, a company that can provide you with a confidential, online STD test. With over 2,000 clinics across the USA and a large range of STD Tests available, getting peace of mind is discreet, easy and painless.

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Pubic Lice - They Don't Call Them Crabs For Nothing

It doesn't matter what's your status in life, crabs can be found on anyone, anywhere.
The pubic louse, Phthirus pubis, is typically found on pubic hair, but can also be found in armpit hair, eyebrows or mustaches and beards. It is strictly a human infection; you cannot get them from animals.
They get the nickname "crabs" from its appearance in the adult or nymph stage. They have six legs with the two front ones having the resemblance of pincher claws.
Pubic lice are tan to grayish white in color.
You may also see the nit stage. These are the lice eggs. They are oval, yellow to white in color and attached to the hair shaft. You may need a magnifying glass to see the details of the louse or nit.
They don't transmit any infectious disease; however there may be allergic reaction and redness from the lice saliva. Itching that crabs cause can make a person scratch and secondary bacterial infection is possible.
In young children pubic lice may also be a cause of blepharitis (irritation or infection of the eyelids).
In most cases, pubic lice are transmitted sexually from the pubic hair of one person to another. But lice can be contracted in other ways, too - from infested clothing, towels and bedding.
Pubic lice, nymphs and adults must feed on blood to live. If it falls off the person, it'll die in a day or two. A common misunderstanding is that pubic lice are spread easily by sitting on a toilet seat. This would be extremely rare because lice cannot live long away from a warm human body and they do not have feet designed to hold onto or walk on smooth surfaces such as toilet seats.
Crabs are diagnosed by finding a louse or a nit in the hair. If someone is diagnosed with crabs, other sexually transmitted infections should be investigated. If a child is diagnosed with pubic lice, sexual abuse should be considered.
How are crabs treated? There's a lice-killing shampoo (also called a pediculicide) made of 1% permethrin or pyrethrin which is recommended to treat pubic lice. These products are available without a prescription at your local drug store. Medication is generally very effective; apply the medication exactly as directed on the bottle. A prescription medication, called Lindane (1%) is available through your health care provider. Lindane is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, or for children less than 2 years old.
Now you know more about pubic lice, what can you do to prevent infestation?
Because the lice can sometimes be contracted from bedding and towels used by someone who is infested, it's important to avoid contact with any item - including clothing - that the person has used.
More commonly, pubic lice infestation is spread through sexual contact, so the best way to prevent it is to abstain from having sex. Sexual contact with more than one partner or with someone who has more than one partner increases the risk of contracting any STD.
When properly and consistently used, condoms decrease the risk of STDs. However, because condoms don't cover the area with pubic hair, they are not good protection against pubic lice.

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How to Know If You Have Pubic Lice

One of the most commonly asked questions about pubic Lice, is "How do I know I have them"? I will outline the obvious symptoms to look out for, the main distinguishing features between crabs and other STD's and recommend some of the best remedies to treat them.
What are Pubic Lice
First of all, Public lice have nothing to do with poor hygiene. Pubic lice are tiny parasitic insects that live in coarse body hair, such as pubic hair. They can be passed from one person to another by close body or sexual contact with someone who has pubic lice. They are yellow-grey and about 2mm long. They have a crab-like appearance, so they are often known as crabs.
Symptoms of Pubic Lice
Some people don't notice the signs of a pubic lice infestation and for others it quite unbearable immediately. For a mild case, it may take up to a week for any symptoms to be noticeable. The symptoms of pubic lice are the same for men and women so these are the things to watch out for.
* itching in the affected areas
* black powdery droppings from the lice in your underwear
* brown eggs on pubic or other body hair
* irritation and inflammation in the affected area, sometimes caused by scratching
* sky-blue spots (which disappear within a few days) or very tiny specks of blood on the skin.
* You can sometimes visibly see the lice move around in the hair (especially under a magnifying glass) but they tend to remain still in the daylight.
The Difference between Crabs and other STDs
Pubic Lice can often be confused with or mistaken for scabies. Scabies is caused by tiny parasitic mites. They are smaller than a pinhead and burrow into the skin and lay eggs. A more severe and uncommon form of the condition occurs when there are many mites in the skin. This is called crusted scabies.
Vaginitis and syphilis are the only other STDs that have symptoms that include rashes and itching. But these two conditions also have other more serious symptoms such as genital discharges, sores and swollen lymph nodes. If you have these symptoms, please see your doctor immediately.
Pubic lice Treatments
In my opinion, there are only really two types of treatments for pubic lice on the market at the moment.
1. Chemical based creams, lotions and shampoos etc
2. Natural solutions.
A harsh treatment containing chemicals and insecticides such as Lindane, Permethrin or Benzene hexachloride will strip the hair follicles of their natural oils and for some people may cause a drying out or scalding of the skin. This obviously adds to the discomfort and aggravation.
Treating genital or pubic lice with natural remedies is a much healthier option. A good natural remedy will not only kill the lice (more effectively) but will not aggravate sensitive skin. In fact a remedy made up of certain essential oils will also soothe and heal any scarring or rash obtained from the intense and consistent scratching.
Pubic lice Treatment recommendations.
So what are the best products to use? I have done extensive research in determining the best all round solutions.
* The first solution 'Licadex' is an excellent product and it comes in a bottle for a very reasonable price. The only downfall is that you have to wait for it to be sent to you, and this is time that you don't usually have. But if you are willing to wait, and keep scratching, this product is highly recommended.
* The other product is a recipe or formula, 'Natural Lice Solution' that you can make up at home and apply instantly. The ingredients are readily available, and the recipe is easy to follow. It contains natural oils that lice parasites cannot exist in, as well as oils that repair any deteriorating skin conditions.
More information and access to these products are available at my website.
In Summary, It is possible to have a gentle, natural and effective solution for the treatment of pubic lice. But first you must know what you are treating. If you are unsure, always seek qualified medical advice. Finally choose the best solution for you!

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The Nasty Side Effects of Pubic Lice

A pubic Lice infestation can become a lot more than just a short annoying interruption in ones sexual activity. If not treated straight away, and with the most appropriate remedy, they can cause long term scaring for the host. Which type of treatment is best for you?
Early Symptoms of STD crabs
Pubic Lice, otherwise known as Crabs, is a Sexually Transmitted Disease, most commonly contracted through sexual activity. Crabs can also attach themselves to the host through contact with infected bed linen and clothing.
Pubic crabs feed on human blood. To maintain their food supply, they attach themselves to the base of the pubic hair shafts and bite or pierce the skin to extract the blood. These bite marks cause the initial symptom of itchiness. If the problem is not diagnosed and treated at this early stage the female lice will rapidly multiply (eggs will hatch within a week) and cause the feeding to increase and the itchiness and irritation to intensify.
Bacterial Infection
Consistent scratching and aggravation will turn the miniature bite marks into small open wounds. Now, pubic lice, like all life forms need to excrete waste, and this is where the infestation gets dangerous. When the excretion from the lice enters the open sores, a bacterial infection is imminent.
A bacterial infection in an already existing rash will accelerate the aggravation and soon become painful to touch. If not treated at this stage, weeping sores and wounds can spread over the entire genital area, and even down the inside of the thighs. Blood and pus spots on underclothes can appear if not contained.
If you use a harsh, chemical based lice treatment cream to treat the parasite at this stage, hosts with sensitive skin types will find the intense pain and burning of the application almost unbearable.
This is an extreme, but very real case, and is what may eventuate if a pubic lice infestation is ignored.
Pubic lice Treatments
There are two main treatment options.
1. Chemical based treatments.
2. Natural remedies.
Chemical Treatments for Pubic lice
Just about all pubic lice remedies on the shelves today are extremely toxic in nature. The problem with chemical treatments is that the human skin was not created to deal with this sort of toxicity.
Our skin is basically a huge sponge which absorbs everything that we apply to it. Toxic chemicals and insecticides such as Permethrin or Benzene Hexachloride strip the hair follicles of their natural oils causing a drying out or scalding of the skin. Repeated exposure to these poisons (or doses) causes rawness in the affected area, extreme irritation and eventual hair thinning and loss.
On top of all this, the head lice parasite has built up a degree of immunity to such chemicals, which are rendering them less effective and in need of more strength, which in turn causes the customer more harm.
Natural Remedies for Pubic lice
A good natural treatment is a far superior solution and just as easy to find. It is also much better for you and your skin. The correct blend of essential oils will not only kill the pubic lice parasite, (even more effectively), they will not burn, dry out or harm your sensitive skin in any way. In fact natural oils will soothe and heal the rash left from scratching, they will stop the itching almost instantly and they are completely safe. Cost wise, natural essential oils are comparative to traditional chemical treatments.
In my opinion natural remedies for pubic lice are a better all round treatment Better, faster, safer, less painful, and cheaper than chemical treatments, and on top of that they will heal the tell tale signs of the infestation.
And best of all you don't have to go and see the family doctor with your problem to get the prescription, and present it to the pharmacist. Natural oils that you can mix yourself provide far more discretion....you won't be left with a bottle marked "Pubic Lice Treatment" Apply twice daily.....etc etc .......WITH YOUR NAME ON IT!!!
Pubic Lice are the smaller cousin to head lice, and are talked about nowhere near as much. However they have the potential to do much more damage because the skin is a lot more sensitive in that area.
If you have pubic lice or know anyone who has, please deal with it as soon as possible, only then can usual activity continue as normal. I suggest using a natural oil recipe that you can apply immediately. More information on recommended products is available at my website below. Good Luck!

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Knowing STD Crabs

Pubic lice or more commonly known as crabs are parasitic insects found in the genital area of humans. Pubic lice are usually spread through sexual contact. Rarely, infestation can be spread through contact with an infested person's bed linens, towels, or clothes. They are generally found in the genital area on pubic hair; but may occasionally be found on other coarse body hair, such as hair on the legs, armpit, mustache, beard, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Infestations of young children are usually on the eyebrows or eyelashes.
STD Crabs Symptoms can be very simple to find out. If you are having a discoloration or discharge in your urine, that is a sign and should be taken seriously. Also, if you see sores of any kind in your pubic region, then there might be something wrong with you. As with any kind of sexually transmitted diseases, any signs or symptoms should push one to take an STD test. It might create more serious health problems if ignored and untreated.
Good thing, crabs are curable. Pyrethrin lice shampoo is recommended to treat pubic lice. These products are available with out a prescription at your local drug store. Medication is generally very effective; apply the medication exactly as directed on the bottle. Other treatment may also be done like wash the infested area, thoroughly saturate hair with lice medication, put on clean underwear and clothing after treatment, dry clean clothing that is not washable, inform any sexual partners that they are at risk for infestation, avoid any sexual partners until partners have been treated and infestation has been cured and retreat in 7-10 days if lice are still found.
Crabs may not be as severe as HIV or AIDS, but still it is a sexually transmitted disease. And all STDs are life and threats to their patients. Crabs are easy to contract and you shouldn't keep things lightly. It is scary to think that people do not take better care of themselves when thinking about this subject. Curing crabs is easy overall, you just need to talk to your doctor and get a prescription. Just be sure not to get re-infection. Be sure to have a clean environment all the time. Parasites like to thrive in dirty surroundings.
If re-infection still occurs all the time, it is time to consult the doctor again about it. You might be infected with some other diseases too. All STDs may be detected through an STD test. There are several methods of testing one can choose from. Quick STD testing is to get results in twenty minutes. This is for those who would want to know the results right away for peace of mind and urgent treatment. Local STD testing is the usual STD testing done in hospitals or health clinics. Results may come out in a few weeks. And the private STD testing is for those who would prefer to make the testing and the results more confidential. There is a method of testing for everybody. There is no reason why one should hesitate to take the test. Besides, the tests are there to protect you and your health from further health complications. This is also done to stop or at least manage the spread of the deadly diseases to other people.

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How to Treat Crabs at Home Naturally

Although having crabs or pubic lice is not that harmful like any other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), it is still very bothersome to have them on your genital area. Crabs are parasites that dwell on the genital area of humans. Isn't it disgusting and scary? They are scientifically called Phthirius pubis. They are called crabs because they grip just like the way crabs do.
These parasites feed on our blood and they really have a strong grip on human's pubic hair. This is the reason why they are called crabs because they grip just like crabs do. Just the thought of having them causes me goose bumps! Yikes! Aren't they scary and disgusting?
This post is made to help those who suffer from these little parasites. Are there ways that you can treat them naturally? There are. What are they? Let's find out.
Natural Cures for Crabs
• Observe good hygiene. Wash your genital area regularly. Don't let a day pass without washing it. This is to minimize the number of parasites that are dwelling on your private part.
• After washing your genital area, trim the pubic hair. Do not shave it. It is going to minimize the presence of crabs, too plus it's going to make the treatment more effective. The shorter the hair, the better.
• If the area gets itchy, avoid scratching it to avoid infection.
• Make a mixture of warm water and vinegar. They need to be in equal parts. Then apply it on the area using a cotton ball. Press the cotton firmly against the skin. Take it off after 30 minutes.
• In 500 ml of water, boil margosa leaves and mix it on your bath water. This can also remove the crabs from your genital area.
You can now say goodbye to the parasites that suck your blood. What a relief would be!

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College, Crabs And the Need for STD Testing

College. Good times. Girls (and guys, if that's the way you swing) of every conceivable variety and flavor. Keg parties, rock & roll (or rap, if that's the way you swing) and one night stands! Pretty young things away from home for the first time who are intent on experiencing life and all its pleasures. It took two years of college life for me to even entertain the thought of STD testing. It just hadn't entered my mind. It should have.
Clear as bell, I remember sitting on the toilet bowl in the dorm bathroom and noticing a harmless piece of lint in my pubic hair. Having nothing else to do at the moment, I lifted it up and looked at it closely. The lint had legs! To say I almost fell off the toilet bowl would be accurate. In fact, I did react so quickly that I dunked my butt cheeks and got them wet. In retrospect, at the rate I was piling up the pile-driving, I probably should have had STD testing done earlier.
I was lucky in a way. Getting crabs, or pubic lice, or crotch critters, or whatever you want to call them is a heck of a lot better than catching that other STD that was making its mark in the 1980s. There I was, at the end of my sophomore year, sitting on the john and infected with crabs. I'd had better moments.
We all go about our lives, and if you are at college, you may be engaging in one or two things that should give you pause. Hopefully you are. Any other way of living would be drab and boring. Responsibility is the key when dealing with these things we do. For many of us, sex happens so naturally that we may not realize at the time that it comes with heavy costs. STD Testing is just one of those costs.
Let us take a look at pubic lice-or crabs, as they are better known in the language of the day-shall we? Hopefully you have a strong stomach, for it is the reality that causes the responsibility, after all...
What are Crabs?
They are parasitic INSECTS that breed in the genital area of humans. They are rife in every country on Earth and are acquired by contact with an infected person, and even the use of bed linens and mattresses, clothing, etc. As an STD they are quite unique in that they are alive but not microscopic. This adds a layer of psychological suffering that is quite different from other STDs.
Where are They Found?
Like previously mentioned, it is common for crabs to be situated in the genital region. This is due to its darkness and dampness, and it just being its natural breeding area. This form of lice however, can also be found in the beard, the moustache, the armpits, and even the eyelashes. Quite disturbing, actually.
What are the Symptoms of Crabs?
Generally they are an intense itch and/or redness in the genital area and other warm dark areas such as the armpits. Typically infected persons feel the itchiness more intensely at night while attempting to sleep. Depending on the age of the lice (life cycles are quick) most can be seen by the naked eye. Many times however, the eggs (smaller sized) are located through testing that requires a magnifying glass.
How are Crabs Cured?
Ridding oneself of these awful critters is not difficult. Of course, testing should be done regularly if you are having sex, but if you do become infected with crabs there is medicine available over the counter that you can apply yourself. The medications come under different brand names but most contain a lice-killing solution called permethrin. Many people who become infected prefer to visit a certified STD clinic for their treatment and this is completely understandable due to the nature of the infection itself. When I had my case, I felt better knowing that a doctor was giving me a professional de-lousing, so to speak!

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STD Crabs Symptoms

There are a lot of different things that can wreck havoc with your life. For instance, you could contract a sexually transmitted disease, and that is easily preventable. You are definitely in luck these days, consider that there are cures, and education for a lot of different ways to prevent disease. The warning signs are out there and you should really consider them, especially some that are easy to find like STD Crabs Symptoms. Those symptoms are not complicated and they are early indicators that something could be wrong. You do not want to play around when it comes to your overall health and well being.
STD Crabs Symptoms can be very simple to find out. If you are having a discoloration or discharge in your urine, that is a sign and should be taken seriously; and why wouldn't it be? You should really consider also if you see sores of any kind in your pubic region that you might have something wrong with you. Call a doctor immediately and get checked out, you might have something coupled with this disease and you might not even know it.
STD Crabs Symptoms are not hard to find. You should really just look at your pubic region frequently to see if there are any major variations to what is going on. If you see any changes, like sores, wounds, legions, or if there is severe irritation it might be signs of something far worse and the faster you get it treated the better.
Consider the old times, like the Wild West, and how hard it would be to cure these things. Consider also that the likelihood of visiting a brothel was huge, and contracting a sexually transmitted disease was easy. Or was it? Obviously now a days it seems that there is a higher instance of sexually transmitted disease in modern times, and that might be due in large part to the amount of traveling that we do. STD Crabs Symptoms are something that the common person could find and understand, creating something that can help you cure things, because early detection is key to curing crabs.
STD Crabs Symptoms are easy to contract and you shouldn't keep things lightly. It is scary to think that people do not take better care of themselves when thinking about this subject. Curing crabs is easy overall, you just need to talk to your doctor and get a prescription. You do not want to learn lessons of sexual health in the school of hard knocks. That is right, the school of hard knocks is a good teacher, but you don't want to be involved in the world of sexually transmitted diseases. Seriously though, all kidding aside, you should really consider any signs that might involve any changes in your health. It is important that you keep your health in tact by simply keeping your eyes peeled. Education is key and prevention is easy, seriously, it is easier to prevent these things sometimes than to cure them.

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What You Need to Know About Crabs as an STD

No, we are not going to talk about those crustaceans that can be found in the sea, but the STD (sexually transmitted disease) kind of crabs.
What are crabs, you might ask. It is part of a lot of sexually natured jokes, especially with teens who might be active in that aspect, but the surprising thing is that a lot of people are not aware of what crabs are. It is very important to be aware of STDs, especially ones that can be more easily treated.
Crabs are lice. What makes it an STD is that these lice are commonly found in the male or female genital area, and is most usually transmitted during sexual intercourse. Sometimes, actually, very rarely, these can also be transferred through clothes and other cloth-like materials that often and regularly touch a human's body. They are insects or parasites if you will, that like to live around a warm area. There is a myth that someone can get crabs from the toilet. This is a false belief since as mentioned earlier, crabs like to live around a warm area. Also, crabs do not have feet that can hold on to something as slippery or smooth as a toilet bowl so they could not possibly stay on a toilet seat for very long.
This infection is very common, so it is not unique to an area, a country or a continent. Anyone can have crabs, especially those who are sexually active, so it is important to know important facts about it. Crabs are STDs, after all.
Pubic lice, as crabs are also called, can be also found in other warm and hairy places around the body. Crabs can infect the hair on your legs, the hair on your armpit, your bushy eyebrows and even your beard and mustache! You may ask, what about the head? The head is warm and hairy! Truth be told, the lice on your head is called head lice, and are not crabs, or pubic lice.
Why are pubic lice called crabs? Well, pubic lice are called crabs because of their appearance. As an adult lice, it will have two very long front legs that look like crab pincers, thus the nickname of "crabs". However, it will not be easy to see crabs using only your two naked eyes. You will be able to see crabs and its crab-like pincers with the very big help of a powerful magnifying glass. There have been reported sightings of crabs without the aid of any magnifying tools; they can be seen running around if one has an infestation, so movement in the pubic area will make the crabs more visible. One can only be careful in looking for crabs. They are also very sensitive to light, so any use of a lighting tool or material will send them scurrying to the shadows.
How do you know that you have crabs? Your genital area will start itching like crazy. You may also get to see some crabs crawling in the area as well.
Crabs as an STD is not a very fun thing to have. Now that you know so much about crabs, and when you start itching in that area, be sure to have yourself checked and tested by medical professionals to make sure that you do not get or at most, treat the infestation of crabs.

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The STD Crab's: Guide to Elimination

Crabs also known as pubic lice is often mislabeled as an STD. It is neither a STD or a STI, but rather parasitic insects that attacks the hair follicles. In this article I am going to give you a little information about Crabs, signs of having it, and ways to prevent getting it.
Crabs got its name for the crab-like shape of the insects body when observed under a microscope. Crabs or pubic lice are very similar to head lice, except that it is usually spread through sexual contact. It can be anything from actual intercourse to just touching private areas together, to even oral and anal sex. Pubic lice survives from feeding off of human blood and is usually found near the base of the hair follicle. It is a misconception that these insects are found only on the pubic area; they have been seen in armpits, and beards as well. There is no gender specificity in contracting the parasite, everyone is free game.
The most prevalent sign of having crabs is intense itching/ bleeding in the pubic area from scratching. Much like head lice, these parasites burrow into the follicle to reach the blood from the skin around it which is what causes the itching. Although Crabs are very small and extremely fast, they can be seen sometimes with the naked eye, if not a magnifying glass. What can be seen depends greatly on the stage of the lifecycle it is in. Nits or lice eggs are usually white or pale yellow and are probably the easiest life stage to see them in because they are not moving. After the eggs hatch the baby crabs are called nymphs which are just a smaller version of the adult Crab. Another way to detect having Crabs is to look for little brown dots which is the waste eliminated by the insect. These are usually easier to see than the actual Crab itself.
The best and most obvious way to prevent getting Crabs is to abstain from sex completely. This is easier said than done for most people, so practicing sex safe is the next best way. Ask your partner if they have or have ever had the parasite. Before sex, examine your partner to see if they have it. No need to make the mood awkward, just be observent during foreplay. It is better to catch it before the action starts, than realize it afterwards.
What about if you think you have Crabs? What do you do? In my treatment article [http://www.proud-tides.com] I discuss the treatments primarily at home remedies to get rid of Crabs completely. The solution to all of your problems could be right in your own home! Check out remedies that work [http://www.proud-tides.com] and get rid of your Pubic Lice today!

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